COLORS: colors boost our morale!

Colors affect our state of mind. They are very important in our daily lives because they allow us to flourish and feel good.
Going to the gym, hiking, boxing, playing soccer, whatever activity you do will always be color related.
The first Karenes collection was based on bright colors, such as orange, yellow, blue but also kept the classic side with black and white.
Funky was the theme! Nothing like a colorful breath of fresh air! The universe guides us to what we need, and, at that time, Karenès had to boost morals through her selection of bright colors.
In addition, a very particular style of colored lines is found on almost all the products, which gives a unique effect to the collection and marks its visual signature.
All the colors have been designed to match. You can very well wear orange with black, a light blue top with dark blue leggings, etc. All products mix and match together. It is exactly the concept of the brand that everything is exchangeable.
No question of giving way to the monotony of the nude, at least for the moment it is the colorful funky spirit that reigns on the Karenès platform!

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